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Wenso Ashby is an American contemporary jazz pianist and prolific composer creating music characterized as blend of neo-soul, pop & smooth jazz. His continued love affair with music and  the piano inspires him to compose music that creates a relaxing mood with memorable moments for a lifetime.

 Born to play,  as a child he would make music out anything he could touch from spoons to pots and pans. His first instrument was an organ but later went on to learn multiple instruments. He eventually landed on the piano because it was the one instrument that embodied all the instruments. Wenso has the best of both worlds with a mixture of training in his formative years to being self-taught as he matured. 

"I believe in the moment rather than placing emphasis on what I have done in my past". Like so many artists I too have a history that reflects performing and sharing the stage with other national artists. I have been blessed to have played on many stages including corporate and private events, festivals, televised concerts and more. With that being said, I choose to forgo my traditional bio and invite you to listen, feel and explore the music I make, like that of a new discovery along the path we take through this journey we call life!  I love music and I am passionate about being the best I can be. Please be sure to let me know your thoughts.  

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