Time to give back in Style This year we are partnering with Black Fashion Week MN in a new event space at The JUUT Salon Creative Hub in Minneapolis May 6th featuring local and national Designers. As we prepare for our Fashion Show Fundraiser to Support Youth with Vitiligo, please purchase your tickets or make a donation today. The MBC programs have been proven to empower youth and teens of all ages to gain self-care, self-love, confidence, independence, personal development, and life skills for a brighter future. Our goals are to provide scholarships to 10 youth/teens ages 5-18 (K-12) who will be able to attend this year's Summer Camp for Kids at NO COST! Mission statements – We want to create a platform to offer a safe space without judgement for all sizes, shapes, and diversity to inspire others to express themselves through the industry of arts.

"Your Journey is unfolding exactly as it should be"”